Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011


"- why are . we: a ghost - a FAKE EXHIBITION — One might say we are a bunch of people putting on shows, events, tours. Initially we wanted to do 'THEE AUS- STELLUNG' to seriously engage with inquiring why we are doing this, what for and so on. But 2 thoughts later the question has eaten itself and now slumbers in the depths of our - at any given moment - future endeavours. Question becomes a carrot. We'd like to invite you to an entanglement of music, performance, short film, artworks and maybe more at its core... at Galerie 7b" EINE WELT AUS HACK

Lieber Ronny, um ein zwei zweitages tickets zu gewinnen, beantworte doch folgende Frage: In welchen Club in Berlin hat THEE Ausstellung am 30.11.2011/ 01.12.2011 stattgefunden? Antwort bitte an: